Win the holidays here

The ‘Win your holidays here’ event is now on

In our stores you can:

Get cash for your old stuff.

Get rad gifts for less-than-retail. Everyday. (No need to stress about ‘this-day-only’ offers.)

Get entered into a draw for cash prizes.

Specifically, a weekly ‘thanks for selling or buying at Cashopolis’ $20 cash prize draw (one winner per store every week between Oct 22 and Dec 22), and the ‘$200 grand cash prize’ draw (one winner per store – will be drawn on Dec 22).

Our draws for cash prizes can only be entered via the special in-store sign.

Hop into your landspeeders, trucks, you-name-it & come on down — we’re ready when you are! 🚀

p.s. A friendly reminder: The items featured here are for illustrative purposes only to show you just some of the many rad gifts & other shopportunities we usually have in our stores.

As only our in-store crews have the most complete and up to date info re our current stock, please call our in-store crew directly at either 306-934-2274 for Cashopolis Saskatoon, or at 306-546-6555 for Cashopolis Regina, for the most up-to date info re our current stock.