Risk-Free Shopping Guarantee

The Cashopolis Risk-Free Shopping Guarantee 👍

“What is the Cashopolis Risk-Free Shopping Guarantee?” 

It’s our pledge to offer you a safe, simple, and fast way to either get the cash you want for the stuff you don’t or shop for quality, second-hand goods.

The Cashopolis Risk-Free Shopping Guarantee ensures you’ll get the following:

✅  A prompt & friendly welcome. You’ll be greeted promptly and in a friendly manner by a member of our team when you visit our stores. Your calls, emails, and social media messages/comments will be responded to in the same way.

All members of the Cashopolis team are empowered to provide you with amazing customer service. In the unlikely event that you might feel less than happy with our market-leading customer service, you can always share your feedback directly with the owner via telltheprez.ca.

✅  Fast & free appraisals. At Cashopolis, we love buying stuff. No appointment is necessary to get an appraisal: call, click, or come in any time we’re open. There’s no obligation with getting an appraisal — we’ll appraise your item even if you might not be ready to sell it to us just yet.

✅  Your shopping satisfaction is guaranteed. Cashopolis gives you a 30-day guarantee on all electronics you purchase in our stores (anything that plugs into a wall or takes a battery), excluding speakers. (Car audio must be professionally installed for 30-day warranty.)

What’s more, you get 48 hours guarantee on all other items like games, movies, guitars, etc., so that you can make sure they work as well as we’ve promised they would. We reserve the right to replace, repair, or issue store credit.