“What kinds of things do you usually buy?”

✨ At Cashopolis, we buy all kinds of things! ✨

    • TVs (any size LCD, LED & Plasma) – flat panel only
    • iPods (please remove password and iCloud accounts)
    • Blu-ray and DVD Players
    • Tools
    • Amplifiers & Pre-Amps
    • Receivers (Stereo & Surround)
    • Speakers (tower, bookshelf & surround)
    • Powered Subs
    • Surround Packages
    • Tablets (iPads, Samsung, etc. — please remove password and/or iCloud accounts)
    • Laptops (please remove password or tape a temporary one on the bottom)
    • Turntables (must have cartridge and needle)
    • Microphones
    • Headphones
    • Video games & video game console systems. We take all video game console systems (from the oldest like pong, Atari, etc., to the newest like Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X), and all video games.
    • Guitars (any age, electric, bass, or acoustic)
    • Guitar Amps & Pre-Amps (electric, bass or Pro Audio)
    • Banjos
    • Drums (complete kits, singles and cymbals)
    • Keyboards
    • Karaoke Machines
    • Mixers
    • Guitar Pedals and tuners
    • Guitar and music stands
    • Musical instruments in general
    • Golf Clubs and bags
    • Snowboards
    • Bikes & Unicycles
    • Gold
    • The list goes on… 🙂

p.s. Please be sure to include all accessories and remotes for more value.

No appointment is necessary to get an appraisal — click 👇, or come in any time we’re open. And there’s no obligation with getting an appraisal — we’ll appraise your item even if you might not be ready just yet to sell it to us.

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p.p.s. Please note: Every item we buy is done on a case-by-case basis.

Our appraisers consider age + condition + appeal + our current stock to determine how much they would offer for an item, and if they’d buy it.