“What kinds of things do you usually buy?”

✨ At Cashopolis, we buy all kinds of things! ✨

    • TVs (any size LCD, LED & Plasma) – flat panel only
    • iPods (please remove password and iCloud accounts)
    • Blu-ray and DVD Players
    • Tools
    • Amplifiers & Pre-Amps
    • Receivers (Stereo & Surround)
    • Speakers (tower, bookshelf & surround)
    • Powered Subs
    • Surround Packages
    • Tablets (iPads, Samsung, etc. — please remove password and/or iCloud accounts)
    • Laptops (please remove password or tape a temporary one on the bottom)
    • Turntables (must have cartridge and needle)
    • Microphones
    • Head Phones
    • Video games & video game console systems. We take all video game console systems (from the oldest like pong, Atari, and Nintendo, to the newest like Xbox One, WII U and PS4), and all video games.
    • Guitars (any age, electric, bass, or acoustic)
    • Guitar Amps & Pre-Amps (electric, bass or Pro Audio)
    • Banjos
    • Drums (complete kits, singles and cymbals)
    • Keyboards
    • Karaoke Machines
    • Mixers
    • Guitar Pedals and tuners
    • Guitar and music stands
    • Musical instruments in general
    • Golf Clubs and bags
    • Snowboards
    • Bikes & Unicycles
    • Gold
    • The list goes on… 🙂

p.s. Please be sure to include all accessories and remotes for more value.

No appointment is necessary to get an appraisal — call, click, or come in any time we’re open. And there’s no obligation with getting an appraisal — we’ll appraise your item even if you might not be ready just yet to sell it to us.

p.p.s. Please note: Every item we buy is done on a case-by-case basis.

Our appraisers consider age + condition + appeal + our current stock to determine how much they would offer for an item, and if they’d buy it.