In case you missed it

Say hello to ‘Buy It, Use It, Sell It Back’

(aka One Of The Little-Known Secrets About Why Folks Like You Love To Buy Stuff At Cashopolis)

Say you need a drill for a project you’re working on. You head out to Cashopolis because you know that we work very hard to have prices well below retail.

So you get to our store, and in our well-stocked inventory of all things tools, you find an awesome drill for only $29.99. You buy and use it for 10, maybe 20 days until the project is done.

Question: What do you do next with that drill? You can leave it in your truck or garage until all of its cash value is gone.

Or, thanks to our ‘Buy It, Use It, Sell It Back’ service, you can easily sell that drill back to Cashopolis. And if you do it within 30 days of your purchase you’ll get at least half of the money you paid for it in cash. On the spot. GUARANTEED. (Had to all caps that.)

Over to you: ‘Buy It, Use It, Sell It Back’ is here because Cashopolis is where you get the cash you want for the stuff you don’t. 😊