Important update for Cashopolis Regina

This just in: For the next 2 days we’ll ONLY be buying items.

Yes, you guessed it –– that means our sales floor in Regina will be closed for the next 2 days (Jul 19 & 20, ’20). 🙁

You see, partly because we’re 100% committed to playing a constructive role in our collective efforts to keep up with the ever-changing retail landscape, and partly because we’re trying to manage a growing interest in our store from both existing and new customers, we need to re-think our sales floor.

Here’s what this temporary change means for you:

–– If you want to get fresh cash for the items you no longer need/love, please come on down, call 306 546 6555, and/or use our online appraisal at We’re open and buying!

Bonus: Everyone who sells us something on Jul 19 & 20 will receive a surprise gift.

–– If you wish to buy some new-to-you games, gadgets, etc., at our store, you’ll need to wait until Tue, Jul 21, ’20.

To thank you for your patience, and for reading this, let’s close this with a fun trivia giveaway.

How many items can you buy at Cashopolis over the next 2 days (Jul 19 & 20, ’20):

a. Zero.
b. None.
c. Zilch.
d. Nada.
e. All of the above

Comment via the links below between now and 8pm on Jul 20, ’20 to enter the draw to win two $10 Tims gift cards (delivered via email).

You can comment via our FB page, Instagram, or via email.

Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. The winner will be determined by draw and announced on our FB page on Jul 22, ’20.