“Out With the Old, In With the New!”

The ‘Out With the Old, In With the New’ event is on now! 😊

Between Jun 20 and Jul 31, ’19, every time you sell us something you can get 30% more IF instead of cash you take a Cashopolis Cash card.

For example, if we offer you $100 in cash for your items, you could get $130 IF you choose to take it all on a Cashopolis Cash card.

A couple of handy reminders:

➡️ Your Cashopolis Cash can INSTANTLY be used in store toward a new purchase.

➡️ If you were unhappy with the amount we offered to you for your items during your last appraisal, please do come back between Jun 20 and Jul 31, ’19 to get 30% more via a Cashopolis Cash card.

Come on down to Cashopolis to sell us your old items & to score some extra Cashopolis Cash! ✨