How to Sell if You Hate Selling

The “How to Sell if You Hate Selling” event is now on! 🙂

How many unloved items are you sitting on only because you don’t like selling?

Listen, we get it.

So many cringe at the thought of having to sell. From feeling the need to use ‘pitches’ and ‘sales lines,’ to feeling the discomfort of having strangers in your home, there’s usually little joy in going through the motions of selling your no-longer-loved stuff.

Unless you’re selling it at Cashopolis. Because we make getting the cash you want for the stuff you don’t easy, fast, & safe.

✅ Our stores are open 7 days a week and located in a convenient locations.

✅ Our friendly crew will appraise your items quickly & for free, either in-store or via email. 📩

✅ Service is our only product. In the unlikely event that you might feel less than happy with our customer service, you can share your feedback directly with the president of Cashopolis via Our prez reads and replies to all messages.

Cashopolis: the cash you want for the stuff you don’t! 🎶

p.s. As per City Bylaw No. 6066-39 in Saskatoon & City Bylaw No. 2006-86 in Regina, to sell items at our store you need:
– two pieces of valid, government-issued ID.
– to be at least 18 years old in Saskatoon or 16 years old in Regina and the rightful owner of the goods.

p.p.s. There’s no limit as to how many items you can sell at once at Cashopolis.

To get a quote via email, pick the store that’s closer to you:



p.p.p.s. We’ll gladly appraise your item(s) even if you might not be ready to sell it/them to us just yet.