Fun & Care

Shoppers these days are like butterflies. Most will fly away from a store at the slightest hint of a fuss. And usually for good. 🙃 (You’re nodding, aren’t you?)

We get that. 💯

Not being accommodating and not offering value is the same as being invisible for a store.

And that’s why we go out of our way to make EVERY visit to our store and our digital outposts (e.g. our website, FB page, etc.) surprisingly pleasant and valuable.

That’s not us talking. That’s our customers talking. ⬇️

“We just traded in electronics and instruments we weren’t using anymore toward a Nintendo Switch! We got great trade-in value for our items. The staff is SO helpful! The store is clean and well organized. There is a huge gaming selection. So happy with our Cashopolis experience!” -Melissa Pederson (Via FB mentions & Google reviews)

Over to you: When you’re ready to part with some of the items you no longer need or love, would you like to deal with a safe, convenient, fun, and reliably accommodating buyer?

✅ Our friendly crew appraises ALL items quickly and for free, either in-store or via email. 📩

✅ Our stores are clean, well-stocked with shopportunities, located in safe, convenient locations on popular streets (or adjacent to them), offer FREE parking, and are nestled among other beloved brands like Starbucks, Tims, and Canadian Tire.

✅ Folks like you sell their no longer loved or needed items to us because: a. There’s no limit as to how many items they can sell at once. b. We give them fair value for their items (our brand wouldn’t be almost 20 years strong if it weren’t for repeat customers). c. They want to keep themselves and their remaining items safe.

(About that last point: they’d likely have strangers coming to their home if they were to sell their items privately, right? And whenever there’s an exchange of money & valuables outside of a reputable business, there’s the potential for things to go wrong, isn’t there?)

When you’re ready to part with some of the items you no longer need or love, please remember that Cashopolis is a safe, convenient, fun, and reliably accommodating buyer.

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For Fun and Care ✨