Fill in the blank to win

Fill in the blank to win: As Canadian as _____. 💝

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Cashopolis is giving away 150 ‘We Are Canada’ slurpees (from 7-ELEVEN®) per store between Jul 1 and Aug 30. 🏆 As this birthday is a big one, all slurpees will be in the biggest size available.

// Please note: We won’t be handing out slurpees in our store. Each winner will get the cash equivalent to buy a big-sized slurpee from a 7-ELEVEN® store. //

Here are the top 2 reasons why we chose this prize:

1. Because a portion of each purchase goes to support programs that help Canadian youth take action on local and global issues. Every cup comes with a code, and you can use it to see how you helped support WE Schools in Canada.

2. Because, like Canada, slurpees are fun, loved, and cool. ✨

Entering is easy — comment on our FB pages (Saskatoon | Regina) to fill in the blank: “As Canadian as _________.”

a. As Canadian as maple syrup.

b. As Canadian as Letterkenny. (If you’re not watching it, stop reading this and Google it.)

c. As Canadian as… (enter your own)

You can enter more than once, and we aren’t looking for anything fancy. (Because you can’t sum up a country as huge and diverse as Canada in a single sentence.)

We’re looking to have some fun and to appreciate Canada. Winners will be drawn and announced once a week, and they’ll need to pick up their prize in-store. Go! 😊