You Play, They Play! 🙌

Imagine if you could WIN one of THE MOST BELOVED VIDEO GAME CONSOLES EVER simply by dropping off an item you no longer love at Cashopolis.

(It could be almost anything: an old DVD you never watch, an old game controller, etc.)

And imagine if, by doing so, you could help our fundraising drive to help finish the playground for St. Nicholas School in Regina, and the Chief Whitecap Elementary School playground in Saskatoon.

It’s true: we’re going to give 120% of the value of items you drop off in cash to those two schools. (For example, if your items are worth $5, we’ll give $6 in cash to the schools.)

“I’m in. What do I need to do?”

Step #1. Simply drop off an item you no longer love at Cashopolis closest to you between now and Mar 1, and we’ll enter your name into the draw for an Original NES Classic system (as pictured below👇 — without the box).

That’s it –– there’s no Step #2.

The winner will also get two popular classic games. (Selection of games to be determined by availability — not necessarily the games pictured here.) The winner will be drawn and announced here on Mar 4.

Go! 😊

p.s. Do you need help with fundraising for your school or sports team?

If yes, please contact us via FB message (or by calling 306-934-2274 in Saskatoon, or 306-546-6555 in Regina) by Mar 3. We’re looking for a team or school to which we can devote our fundraising drive in March.