Because You Are Why We’re Here. 💝

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To further improve your shopping experience, we’re thinking about offering a new service level called Cashopolis Pro. 🏆

Imagine if you could:

βœ… Double the length of our shopping guarantee to 60 days on anything that plugs into a wall or takes a battery and 4 days on games, movies, etc.
βœ… Extend Pay Over Time to 60 days. (Our β€˜Pay Over Timeβ€˜ service is an easy way to buy something you want by making smaller payments on it, interest-free, over time, until the purchase price is paid in full.)
βœ… Be the first to see Cashopolis Trailers (they feature the freshest items we buy).
βœ… Be automatically entered into ALL Cashopolis monthly draws, including the $20 bi-weekly draw.
βœ… Get the first 2 days of rental free on all games.
βœ… Get to vote and help us select upcoming promotions.
βœ… Get exclusive monthly specials and giveaways.
βœ… Get employee pricing on Cashopolis swag.
βœ… Be able to buy back your sold items at a discounted price.
βœ… [Feel free to make a suggestion].

Now, imagine if you could become a Cashopolis Pro and get all of the above and for a small membership fee of $5.95 per month (or $50 if paid annually). Would that interest you?

a. Heck yes!
b. Yes, please.
c. Neutral.
d. No.

Comment and share this post on our FB pages by Oct 4 and we’ll enter your name into the draw for an Original NES Classic system (as pictured in this post), including two popular classic games (selection of games to be determined by availability – not necessarily the games pictured here). The winner will be drawn and announced on our FB pages on Oct 8.