And the winners are..

Thank you. 💕

Your response to our, ‘Win 1 of 15 fantabulous Valentine’s cards’, giveaway was heartwarming.

And the winners are… drum roll, please…

In Regina: Kimberley Grimard, Amanda Waugh, Terry Melenchuk, Char Dustyhorn, Shelley Carteri, Stacey H Don, Jean Graham, TeriAnna Dustyhorn, Victor Kol, Laura Reynolds, Carrie Pockett-Chouinard, Hayley Shaye, Cobra Fraser, Terri Dolph, and Nikki Coates.

In Saskatoon: Nathan Monz, Brandie Tremblay, Alix Nelson, Murray Qualie, Bea Friesen, Marian Oryshak, Gary Oryshak, Alex Penner, Roderick Morrison, Ashley Hubick, Noel Mason, Alexandra Kreick, Miranda Best, Sheila Boese, and Nathaniel Baker.

Just for the winners: The cards will be available for pickup on Feb 11 (today), 12, and 13, ’20.

You’ll be able to choose between a ‘Will you be my player number two’ (5 per store), ‘I’d pause my game for you’ (5 per store), or ‘You’re a SUPER friend’ (5 per store) card when you come to our stores on a first come first served basis.

Thanks again for playing, everyone! 👊