And the winners are..

Thank you. 💕

Your response to our, ‘Win 1 of 15 fantabulous Valentine’s cards’, giveaway was heartwarming.

And the winners are… drum roll, please…

In Regina: Lucas Winquist, Jenn Lemioer, Shay Marie Lonechild, Chris Atkings, Doug Wuschke, Deanna Ryder, Dano Halladay, Trina Lathlin, Danny Robilliard, Tonia Madeline, Pierre MaxWell Cook, Shiina Mckayy, Rhaelyn Shelaine Petrie, Aaron Wahpoosewyan-wolfe, and Kim Wilson.

In Saskatoon: Alissa Pernitzky, Cheyanne Mike, Adam Von Niessen, Krista Merasty, Hanson Rick, Sonya Jan, Leslie Ballantyne, Glenda Andrews-Sangray, Rhonda McMillan, Micheal Fabick, Nicole MacFarlane, Ashley Thompson, Jeremiah Johnson, Diana Penasie, and Ariel San Miguel.

Just for the winners: The cards will be available for pickup on Feb 11, 12, and 13. You’ll be able to choose between a ‘Love you more than bacon’ (5 per store), ‘Space invaders’ (5 per store), or ÔÇśOur friendship is on another level’ (5 per store) card when you come to pick them up on a first come first serve basis.

Thanks again for playing, everyone! 👊