This just in…

You. Are. Awesome. 💝

Dear customers, friends, and fans,

Your response to our recent fundraising drive to help finish the playground for St. Nicholas School in Regina, andย the Chief Whitecap Elementary School playground in Saskatoon brought us so much joy because many of you enthusiastically took part in it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 👊

It’s now time to announce the winners of those Original NES Classic systems and two popular classic games. (As pictured below👇 โ€” without the box โ€” selection of games to be determined by availability โ€” not necessarily the games pictured below.)

And the winners are… Anthony Parchoma in Saskatoon, and Rose Gosselin in Regina โ€” congrats! 🏆

Just for Anthony and Rose: You can pick up your prize as early as tomorrow, and you must claim it by Apr 4, ’18.

Everyone else: Stay tuned because another giveaway might be just around the corner!