If you missed it ✨

Dear customers, friends, and fans,

Thank you very much for such a rad response to our ‘Sell, Sell, Stash!’ event in January. 👊

The winners of the $500 cash prize (yes, you read it right — $500 cash) are:

  • In Saskatoon — Jordyn Mitchener 🏆
  • In Regina — Jason Gailing 🏆

Just for Jordyn & Jason: You can pick up your prize as early as today, and you must claim it by Mar 2, ’18.

Everybody else: Let’s turn your clutter into cash!

Bring us your tired, your unloved items,
Your old games, gadgets, even random doobobs you’ve found under the tree.
Bring them to us, today, we’ll take in thee.

Don’t delay, yo, do it today.
The cash is here, waitin’, suffocatin’, yearnin’ to breathe free. 😊