This Is Why a Garage Sale Probably Isn’t Worth It and..

.. What To Do Instead

Typical Garage Sale To-Dos:

Step #1: Check city bylaws. 💩

For example, did you know that in many cities in SK no more than a few garage sales can take place at 1 site during the calendar year? Or that no single sale can last for more than 3 consecutive days?

Step #2: Spend time & energy sorting clutter in your garage & home. 💩

Step #3: Spend time & money installing ‘Garage Sale’ signs (they, too, must obey city bylaws). 💩

Step #4: Spend your weekend morning(s) haggling with strangers (or, heaven forbid, randos). 💩

Step #5: Spend your weekend afternoon(s) hauling clutter back to your garage & home and taking those ‘Garage Sale’ signs down. 💩

And after you do all of that, you can ‘earn,’ what: $100? $200?

Maybe it’s just us, but it doesn’t sound fun — or worth it — does it?

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