The ‘Budget Buddy’ event

Folks, it’s January, aka the worst.

Let’s face it: January is the month in which the monthly budget, in most households, could use a buddy. Let us be your budget’s buddy.

Bring us your tired, your unloved items,
Your old games, gadgets, even random doobobs you’ve found under the tree.
Bring them to us, today, we’ll take in thee.

Don’t delay, yo, do it today.
The cash is here, waitin’, suffocatin’, yearnin’ to breathe free.

Why attend the January ‘Budget Buddy’ event? Here are the top 2 reasons:

✅ To give your budget a lil’ help.
✅ To simply & safely find out how much cash is hiding in your second-hand items.

P.S. If you can’t make it in person, you can submit your item(s) right here: Saskatoon or Regina.