Cashopolis went above and beyond for me this week..

“Cashopolis went above and beyond for me this week. I had an expensive camera stolen from my car two days ago. I was so stressed out and upset about it. Thankfully, my camera had been turned in to Cashopolis!

The Cashopolis staff went above and beyond to figure out that it was a stolen camera. For example, they scrolled through the photos on the camera and found clues about who the camera belonged to. They actually zoomed in on my dog’s collar in one of the photos to figure it out.

I AM SO THANKFUL. They are ethically good humans. They made my whole week so much better. I cried happy tears of relief when I got the call that they found it. They even left fun photos on my camera that made me laugh! ALSO: Thank you, Handsome Mike.” – Spencer Noble (Via Google reviews)