In case you missed it

The ‘strike a match’

event is on now!

Spring is in the air, folks, aka a grand time to start gettin’ out the old and bringin’ in the new. To help you do that, we’ve prepared a bonus for you.

Every time you sell us your old you-name-it in the month of March and decide to upgrade to a similar, newer item in our store during the same visit, you’ll get to either:

Double the length of our shopping guarantee to 60 days on anything that plugs into a wall or takes a battery and 4 days on games, movies, etc., or

Extend the ‘Pay Over Time’ period to 60 days

A friendly reminder: ‘Pay Over Time’ is an easy way to buy something you want by making smaller payments on it, interest-free, over time until the purchase price is paid in full.

One HUGE thing that makes ‘Pay Over Time’ shine is that you can pay down the amount owing by selling us items that you no longer need/love.

Over to you: Come on down to strike a match at Cashopolis! 🙌