Say no to crumbelievable Kijiji offers.

Because they’re beyond bad — they are crumbelievable! 💩

Crumbelievable Kijiji offer.
/ noun /
An unbelievably crummy offer which you’re likely to get for your retro games on Kijiji.

Money is not the only thing that can make the experience of selling your retro games on Kijiji crumbelievable.

There’s also the matter of your personal safety. Whenever there’s an exchange of money and valuables, there’s the potential for things to go wrong, no? (Especially when you consider that you have strangers coming to your home.)

Listen, it’s not us — this is a thing. So much so that police stations across Canada are setting up safe spots in an effort to make Kijiji transactions safer. See http://on.thestar.com/22pwSzz or http://bit.ly/1SJYLNL.

The choice is yours: There’s a crumbelievable offer on Kijiji, and then there’s Cashopolis.

“I’m not going to be a Kijijiot and jeopardize my safety for a few bucks. How do I get you guys to appraise my retro games?”

It’s super easy:

In Saskatoon, click here, or call 306-934-2274.

In Regina, click here, or call 306-546-6555.