Rescue My BBQ

The “Rescue My BBQ” event is now on! 🙂

Grilling/BBQ season is in full swing.

To help you make the most of it, we’re giving away $50 in cash every week (one winner per store) between Jun 2 and Jul 15, ’21, so that you can get some t-bone, ribeye, or New York strip steaks on us.

(For veggie lovers, $50 gets you a lot of veggie skewers/kebabs!)

Entering our giveaway draw is easy: just sell us some of your no-longer-loved items.

Over to you: Would you rather have clutter in the garage or free steaks?

p.s. There’s no limit as to how many items you can sell at once at Cashopolis.

To get a quote via email, pick the store that’s closer to you:



p.s.s. We’ll gladly appraise your item(s) even if you might not be ready to sell it/them to us just yet.