Introducing ‘Pay Over Time’

Pay Over Time is an easy way to buy something you want by making smaller payments on it (interest-free), over time, until the purchase price is paid in full.

One thing that makes Pay Over Time shine is that you can pay down the amount owing by selling us items that you no longer need/love. Booyah!

Pay Over Time highlights:

✅ Anyone can use Pay Over Time. If you have credit woes, worry no longer! 😊
✅ No service charges, and the initial down payment is only 20% of the purchase price.
✅ You can pay down the amount owing by selling us items you no longer need/love.
✅ Your items are held for 30 days. This period can be extended on a per case basis.
✅ Down payments are non-refundable, and at least $50 worth of goods must be purchased.

Let’s run an example. Imagine you discover a beautiful Apple laptop at Cashopolis. It’s only $499.95, and it looks like it’s practically new. (A fun fact: we professionally clean every item we buy.)

So, you put down $100, and then you go home to find items you no longer need/love. Once there, you find a power tool you got for Christmas last year and never used, some old video games, and an old drum set you no longer play. You go back to Cashopolis, and, with those items, you pay down the amount you owe on your new laptop. Is that easy peasy or what?

p.s. We Almost forgot: you’re also helping the environment because you’re recycling your stuff the smart way. 😊