“Out With the Old, In With the New!”

The ‘Out With the Old, In With the New’ event is still on! 😊

Every time you sell us something before Jul 31, ’19, you can get 30% more IF instead of cash you take a Cashopolis Cash card.

For example, if we offer you $100 in cash for your items, you could get $130 IF you choose to take it all on a Cashopolis Cash card.

A couple of handy reminders:

➡️ Your Cashopolis Cash can INSTANTLY be used in store toward a new purchase.

➡️ If you were unhappy with the amount we offered to you for your items during your last appraisal, please do come back before Jul 31, ’19 to get 30% more via a Cashopolis Cash card.

Come on down to Cashopolis to sell us your old items & to score some extra Cashopolis Cash! ✨