This just in ✨

Dear customers, friends, and fans,

In order to support the latest measures introduced by the province of Saskatchewan for curbing the spread of a fourth wave of the coronavirus, as of tomorrow (Sep 17, ’21), until further notice Cashopolis will be a ‘no mask, no service’ store.

The only exception is children under the age of 2.

We respect your choice to not wear a mask, and we in turn ask that you respect the decision of our management to not allow you in our store at this time.

In case you’re wondering, “What kind of mask is acceptable?”

In short, as per the Saskatchewan government’s guidelines, a mask should be:

– Made out of tightly woven cloth/fabric (such as cotton)

– Tailored to fit the user’s facial features as much as possible, ensuring that the mask can cover the nose, mouth, and chin areas with few gaps

The Saskatchewan government also says that bandanas and neck gaiters are not appropriate masks. They are ineffective at blocking respiratory droplets.

We remain 100% committed to caring for your health and the health of our employees, and to playing a constructive role in our collective efforts to deal with COVID-19.

For any questions/comments regarding the above, please ask to speak to a manager, or directly contact the president of Cashopolis via

Thank you,
Cashopolis management 😊