In case you missed it

The ‘Sell In May To Shuttle Away!’ event is on now 🙌

Dear customers, friends, and fans,

Every time we ask how well you know Cashopolis, we discover that there are parts of our brand that are not as well known as we wish they were.

For example, Cashopolis has one store in Regina and one store in Saskatoon. And yet, whenever we mention the phrase ‘our sister store’ on our website, in emails, or on social media, many of you seem surprised to hear that.

That is why, this month, we’re giving you a chance to win a paid trip to the ‘other Cashopolis.’ So, if you live in Saskatoon, you could win a paid visit to Cashopolis Regina. And if you live in Regina, you can win a paid visit to Cashopolis Saskatoon.

(This prize would especially come in handy for those of you who are aware of our sister store, and who have wanted to visit it, but for some reason haven’t managed to do so yet.)

Here’s what you could win (one winner per store):

1. A return ticket for the Rider Express shuttle (see to either Regina or Saskatoon.
2. $50 cash for a cab & a quick lunch. 🍕
3. Once you get to our sister store, a $100 Cashopolis gift card + a gift certificate that will give you one full year of membership to the brand new Cashopolis loyalty club (to be rolled out this summer).

There is only one way to enter this giveaway: Sell us at least one item between now & May 31.

Over to you: Sell In May To Shuttle Away! 🙌

Bonus: You’ll get an extra entry if you mention this event the next time you sell us something. Winners will be drawn and announced on June 2. Good luck! 😊