Still 8 🦃 left!!

You can still win a FREE Thanksgiving turkey (8 turkeys per store left).

It’s time to announce the 1st & 2nd Thanksgiving turkey winner of ’23 at Cashopolis Regina! And the winners are… drum roll, please… Derek Hall & Chad Rothhecker — congrats! 🏅 (As we don’t have deep freezers on-site to store turkeys, to keep things simple each winner gets $40 cash.)

Just for Derek & Chad: You can pick up your prize — $40 cash 🔥 — at our store as early as today, Sep 30, ’23. You must claim it by Nov 1, ’23, and bring along your driver’s license so that our crew can verify that you’re the rightful winner.

Everyone else: The next winner will be drawn today. Thanks again for playing, guys! ✨

// Shown here ⬆️ are a few previous winners of the above event. //