Let’s Talk Turkey

The ‘Let’s Talk Turkey’ event is on now, folks! 🏆

Why attend it? Here are the top 2 reasons:

✅ 10 chances to win a FREE Thanksgiving turkey.

Between Sep 5 and Oct 5, every time you sell us an item your name will be entered into a draw for a FREE Thanksgiving turkey.

One winner will be drawn every three days. As we don’t have a deep freezer on-site to store turkeys, each winner will actually get a $35 gift card for Walmart. This ought to cover the cost of a Thanksgiving turkey.

✅ To simply & safely find out how much cash is hiding in your second-hand items.

Our trained appraisers won’t leave a stone unturned between Sep 5 and Oct 5 in an effort to help you discover hidden cash in your second-hand items.

Here are the top items we’d like to buy more of during our ‘Let’s Talk Turkey’ event: retro video games & systems (NES, SNES, and N64); iPads/iPods; flat panel TVs; laptops; guitars; and tools.

Good luck, everyone! 😊 💞