And the winners are..

You. Are. Awesome. 👊 💝

You. Are. Awesome.ย 👊

Thank you very much for such a great response to the 3rd round of our current event (‘Guess to Winโ€™)!

The correct answer: There were ‘214’ special coins inside that 👆ย that MacBook Air box.

And the winners of the 3rd round are Ammie Parisien (Cashopolis Saskatoon), and Nicholas Bird (Cashopolis Regina) โ€” congrats!

Just for Ammie and Nicholas:ย If you want, we can send you your $50 electronically via e-transfer.

We’re temporarily offering this option to help you reduce the number of non-essential trips outside of your home.

If you’re ok with receiving your $50 via e-transfer, please send us your email address to, or via FB message.

You are, of course, welcome to come to our stores to claim your prize. A friendly reminder: To ensure your safety and the safety of our crew, we’re currently monitoring and limiting the number of customers who can be in our stores to 1-2 at one time.

Whether you choose e-transfer or to get cash in our store, you must claim it by Apr 22, ’20.

Everyone else: Thank you all for playing! 👊 The next round of the ‘Guess to Win’ will be rolled out in the next few hours.