Tired of stubbing your big toe on that old guitar case in the basement?

Why not declutter your basement this May and get paid for doing it?

Because Cashopolis pays the cash you want for the stuff you don’t, we turn spring decluttering into a cash-making opportunity.

No appointment is necessary to get an in-store appraisal. And you can safely have cash in hand in like 5 minutes. (This is especially true if you use our free appraisal via email👇 before stopping by.)

So the real question is: How much cash is hiding in your clutter? 💰

p.s. There’s no limit as to how many items you can sell at once at Cashopolis.

To get a quote via email, pick the store that’s closer to you:



p.s.s. We’ll gladly appraise your item(s) even if you might not be ready to sell it/them to us just yet.