Time to thin out or wind-down a collection? 👀

Sell your no-longer-loved amps here. 💰💰💰

The top two reasons why amp collectors sell to us are:

1. There’s no limit as to how many amps they can sell at once.

2. They want to keep themselves and the remaining collection(s) safe.

(You see, they’d likely have strangers coming to their home if they were to sell it privately. And whenever there’s an exchange of money & valuables outside of a reputable business, there’s the potential for things to go wrong.)

Over to you: If you’re an amp collector who wants to part with some amps, don’t you want a safe, convenient, and reliably accommodating buyer?

-the Cashopolis crew

p.s. To get a quote via email for your collection(s), pick the store that’s closer to you:



p.s. We’ll gladly appraise your collection(s) even if you might not be ready to sell it/them to us just yet. No appointment is necessary to get an in-store appraisal.