Folks, it’s January, aka the month in which the monthly budget, in most households, could use a buddy. Will you let us be your budget’s buddy?

Yo! 🎶

You got old games
You got gadgets
Random doobobs
What you have there?

If you don始t love 鈥榚m no more
We gonna love 鈥榚m for you
So bring 鈥榚m to us today
We got the cash coming through

It始s waiting, suffocating, yearnin始 to breathe free
Let us be your budget始s buddy
We comin始 with the money
We ain始t joking, it ain始t funny

You got items that are unloved
So bring 鈥榚m in to us

And we始ll take 鈥榚m, yea
And we始ll love 鈥榚m yea
Cuz that始s what we do,
Cuz you don始t want 鈥榚m no

We始ll take 鈥榚m, yea
We始ll love 鈥榚m, yea
Cuz that始s what we do
We got the money for you 🎶