Because every moment can be a time for hope.

How can we help you today?

At Cashopolis, we approach every person with that aim in mind.

Did you know that our crew includes one tiny dog? His name is Cashmo, and he’s our mascot.

In his own way, Cashmo too aims to brighten everyone’s day.

Just look at him — doesn’t it seem like his attitude says, “Every moment is a time for hope”? 😊

While no one at Cashopolis remembers who the first person to point that out was, what’s more important is that the observation made us think: “How can we inspire more moments for hope at Cashopolis?

One way we can do that, for now, is to be more intentional about giving back to our community, both on a local and a national level.

On the local level, each Cashopolis store will choose 4 local causes this holiday season to support.

On the national level, we’re going to collectively support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was selected because it helps bring joy to some of our biggest friends and fans: children.

Over to you: Will you help us make more moments for hope?

“How?” you might say.

It’s super simple: Just drop off items you no longer need/love at our store and we’ll donate 120% of their value to either Make-A-Wish or a worthy local cause. (You can decide the recipient cause/charity when you drop your items off. And if it’s Make-A-Wish, you can also decide if you want to get a charitable tax receipt.)

So, will you help us create more moments for hope?