It’s like a movie trailer for upcoming items.  😊

3 Mario games for the original Nintendo system 🎉
(not available for purchase until July 27).

“Wait, what’s the Cashopolis trailer?”
It’s our way of showing you some interesting items that should soon be available for purchase at Cashopolis.

“Why will they be available for purchase soon and not right now?”
Because ONLY our freshest buys will be showcased via Cashopolis trailers.

Every item we buy is electronically reported and submitted to the Saskatoon Police, so that they can run it through their database to make sure it’s not stolen.

We first photo ID every seller in an effort to determine whether the item truly belongs to the person in front of us. If we agree to buy it, we then electronically report and submit the item to the Saskatoon Police afterwards.

After 5 calendar days, if an item checks out, ONLY then is it placed on our shelves and made available for purchase.

Please note:
▹ No item featured in a Cashopolis trailer can be put on hold and/or viewed in-store, in-person — this is for informational purposes only.
▹ Once an item featured in a Cashopolis trailer is placed on our shelves and made available for purchase, it’s sold on a first-come first-serve basis.
▹ In the unlikely event that we get more than one buyer to show up at the exact same time for the same item, the buyer will be decided by a game of rock-paper-scissors