If you are looking for a new job in name only — that is, more of the same-old, same-old but in a different place than the one you’re at right now — then this isn’t the job you’re looking for.

But if you like the idea of trying something new, if you like the idea of new challenges, new frontiers, if you like the idea of being surrounded by spaceships, space stations, and blasters all day long, we’d like to meet you.

Who are we? Come close and lend an ear: we’re Cashopolis, aka perhaps the most beloved speciality retailer in Regina. (Don’t take our word for it — check us out on FB.)

If you love people, have an outgoing personality, and are able to work weekends, we’d like to meet you.

A short list of perks for working at Cashopolis in Regina:

✓ Competitive pay
✓ Fun, dynamic environment
✓ Great customers & teammates

p.s. Sorry part-time darlings, we’re looking for a serious—full time—go-getter. 👊 💫

Fill out our online application.